Friday, February 23, 2007

Compassion and Accountability

David R. Sawyer
Director of Lifelong Learning and Advanced Degrees, and Professor of Ministry

1 Samuel 24:1-22
February 23, 2007

The sermon addresses the question, "How do we call each other to account and still be respectful and compassionate with each other?" It draws on the story of David and Saul at the cave at Engedi in which David restrains himself and his fighters from harming Saul, "the Lord's Anointed" but gives a strong speech juggling delicate issues of power and respect. "It's a slippery and difficult road we travel, being a human community, but trying to hold onto our ideals of faithfulness, loving each other, forgiving each other, speaking the truth in love to each other, granting each other grace in the face of the plain acknowledgement of our errors." Listen to the sermon. Read the sermon in PDF format.